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Who We Are

NSDxpert Education and Consultancy Services LLC is a nurse staff development company for post-acute care nurses. NSDxpert LLC was founded in 2020 by Sylvia Abbeyquaye, Ph.D. MPA RN; a former director of nurses, a nurse educator, and a researcher with 20+ years of experience working in long-term care facilities. Sylvia Abbeyquaye is currently an assistant professor of nursing with expertise in developing curricula that incorporate critical thinking and active learning strategies relevant to current practice.

Our Mission

To train long-term care nurses (LPN, RNs) to be multi-skilled, competent, and efficient in their work processes. Our philosophy is that quality care begins with knowledge.

Our Vision

To be a leading staff development consultancy promoting quality healthcare delivery across the globe.

Our Core Values







Long-term care nurses must pursue continuing education to stay abreast of new developments and industry best practices. As a result, they value training programs that are interactive and engaging as they contribute to their professional growth. Yet the current training provided to them is often inadequate and not necessarily geared towards their professional development but often to ensure the facility’s regulatory compliance. For example, a facility educator shows up on the units with a page write-up on a particular deficient practice and has the nursing staff read and sign a re-education plan. To advance your career as an LTC nurse and take on new responsibilities, you must stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. In addition, you must be multi-skilled and be able to adapt to a fast-paced work environment. Every long-term care nurse deserves more, and NSDxpert is here to help with your professional growth and development. We provide customized, in-person, and online courses on challenging work processes using active learning strategies that are collaborative, engaging, exciting, and hands-on. For example, we use role-plays, case studies, discussions, and simulated activities to encourage a better learning environment. Our education sessions foster team building and collegiality and incorporate self-care activities like mindfulness and resiliency to help you manage work stress. Book a free 15-minute one-on-one session now to start taking control of your professional growth and development.

Our Services

We provide staff development training workshops and consultations on orientation and staff retention programs. In addition, we offer speaking engagements on varied long-term care topics.

How Our Services Benefits the......


  • Enhances Quality Care
  • Improves Physical Wellbeing
  • Improves Psychological Wellbeing
  • Improves Resident and Family Satisfaction
  • Promotes Good Customer Service


  • Improves Skill Competency
  • Increases Knowledge in Geriatric Care
  • Improves Knowledge of LTC Work Processes
  • Improves Self-Confidence
  • Promotes Job Satisfaction
  • Reduces Work Stressors Related to Work Ensures Processes and Regulatory Compliance
  • Guarantees Survey Readiness

LTC Corporate/Facilities

  • Reduces Civil Monetary Penalties
  • Improves Quality Care Outcomes
  • Improves Regulatory Compliance
  • Improves Survey Results
  • Improves CMS Star Ratings
  • Improves Staffing Recruitment
  • Improves Staff Retention Rate
  • Decrease Sentinel Events
  • Decrease DPH Reportables
  • Increases Revenue through Cost Saving and Boost Resident Admission

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