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5 Stress-relief Strategies for Long Term Care Nurses (1 FREE CEU)

This course aims to equip long-term care nurses with practical strategies to manage and alleviate stress in the workplace. The ... Show more
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In the demanding environment of long-term care, managing stress effectively is crucial for maintaining personal well-being and professional performance. This comprehensive course provides long-term care nurses with practical strategies to identify, manage, and alleviate workplace stress. Participants will delve into the unique stressors faced in long-term care settings and understand the profound impact of stress on their physical, psychological, and emotional health and professional growth.

The curriculum, tailored specifically for the long-term care setting, covers five core stress-relief strategies: Time Management, Communication, Teamwork and Collaboration, Professional Growth and Development, and Social Engagement. Nurses will learn to apply these strategies effectively in their daily routines, making their work more manageable and interactions more meaningful.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to identify common causes of workplace stress, apply the Eisenhower matrix for prioritizing tasks, enhance communication through efficient shift reporting, and create a personal development plan that includes continuing education and mentorship goals. Additionally, they will understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration in reducing stress and improving resident care. This course aims to foster a healthier work environment, enhance job satisfaction, and ultimately improve resident outcomes in long-term care facilities, emphasizing the crucial role of the participants in providing quality care.


At the end of this course, you will

Identify at least three common causes of workplace stress specific to long-term care settings.

Apply the Eisenhower matrix to prioritize daily tasks and manage time 

Discuss efficient and effective shift reporting strategies that enhance communication

Describe the elements of teamwork and collaboration 

Discuss strategies for self-care and relaxation 

 Outline a personal development plan with at least two continuing education opportunities and one mentorship goal.



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