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Saturday, June 15, 2024

NSD Workforce

The NSD Workforce is a community of long-term care nurses. We gather to educate ourselves, share work process ideas and resources, and provide mentoring and support to help each member grow in their long-term care career. The NSD Workforce community is a safe space where we respect each other. When a member of this community succeeds, we all succeed. We will collaborate to find solutions that will help ease our workflow and reduce stress. We will share and celebrate work-related accomplishments to help us stay motivated. We will love to have you!

Be a member of the NSD Workforce Community to enjoy … 

  • An exclusive community for LTC/SNF nurses

Connect and network with long-term care nurses just like you.

  • Collaborate with fellow LTC/SNF nurses.

Bounce ideas off one another and get clarifications on CMS regulations and the survey process.

  • Interactive content and webinars from NSDxpert Education and Consultancy LLC

Have access to interactive content and CE webinars.

  • Mentorship and coaching

Receive mentorship and coaching for your professional growth and development as a LTC nurse.